Why we are the Best

"Do It Yourself" Companies Traditional Agent Flat Rate Homes Agent
Posted to the MLS (Realtor database)
Local Full Service Realtor
Handles paperwork, negotiations, setup of title and escrow, showing, and helps you from beginning to end They should wink wink
Published to Zillow, Trulia,, Homes.con, etc. Varies
Professional Sign
Pricing assistance (CMA)
Published to 100's of other classified and top real estate websites
YouTube video and social media blast marketing
Personal property website
Sold or free guarentee*
Total control of your listing
Mobile app (notifications, feedback, and support)
Contract Term 1 to 12 Months 12 Months Cancel Anytime
Unrepresented Buyer Discount No No Yes
Upfront Fee $200 to $500 Varies $0
Listing Side Commission Varies 3% $1950
Buyer Side Commission 3% 3% You Decide
Hidden Transaction Fees Varies Varies $0

Total Due at Closing

Who Knows

6% + Additional Fees

$1950 + Buyer Side Commission

*Terms and conditions may apply

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