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Dreaming of your next Home?

- Use us to buy any home for only $1950
- Get up to 100% of the buyer agent commission rebated back to you!

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Use the rebate to:
- Reduce the purchase price
- Pay your closing costs
- Do home improvements
- The list is endless!

Get up to 100% of the buyer agent
commission rebated back to you!

How much can you save with Flat Rate Homes?

With Flat Rate Homes premier buyer program you can save thousands by reducing the purchase price of the home or getting up to 100% of the buyer agent commission rebated back to you. You also get professional full offer support from our expert agents through the entire process! Contact us now!

Purchase price: $

Traditional Way With Flat Rate Homes
Buyer refund when you buy through Flat Rate Homes $0 $4,500*
Average amount saved if selling through Flat Rate Homes $0 $10,000
Total Savings $0 $14,500

*Refund shown is based on a 3% Buyer Agent Commission (BAC). Refunds are subject to sold price, agent commission listed on MLS, market conditions and are subject to a minimum commission of $1950. Refunds may vary.

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Find out how much you can qualify for and get an official pre-qualification letter in just 4 minutes.


Simplicity is Key. Here are the steps.


Access to the biggest database, with the most up to date information so you have all the facts that most people don’t know.


From submitting to negotiations, we have your back. Our EZ submission tool allows you to submit and digitally sign legal professional offers in minutes.


With award winning support, our team of real estate experts will help throughout the process to make sure you get the best price and the biggest bang for your buck.


With our premier buyer program you can get up to 100% of the offered commission back as a cash rebate or reduce the price of the home by up to 3%.

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  • Buyer agent commission refund*
  • Dedicated agent
  • Specially trained offer specialists for negotiation and contract support
  • Award winning customer support
  • Online real estate assistance
  • Free unlimited home search
  • Free Concierge Service
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So, what’s the catch?

There is none! By using our technology and working through our system, you’re able to do what a traditional agent does without paying an arm and a leg. Our online system and dedicated agents make it easy to make offers on not only our listings, but any listing on the MLS. Then we help you throughout the entire deal to make sure your offer and contract goes through smoothly and stress free. If you found the home why pay thousands to an agent right? It just makes sense to us.

How do I find my new home?

Searching for your new dream home have never been easier. Just click on our our property search feature away you go. Then once you find the property you are looking for you can submit an offer in a few simple steps. When searching through our site you are searching the MLS and using the same resources that agents use when searching for homes.

How does the 100% commission refund work?

Buyer agents typically collect a 3% commission on the home’s selling price. This is paid for by the listing agent and/or homeowner. By working with Flat Rate Homes once you find a home you are wanting to submit an offer on, we become your broker and will collect the 3% commission being offered on the MLS when the contract closes. Then we refund it back to you, minus our flat fee of $1950. Essentially when using our online offer service we will refund you any commissions paid to us that are above our $1950 minimum commission. Properties that are For Sale By Owner do not apply but give us a call and ask about our FSBO service to still save thousands.

*Note that our refund is dependent on a minimum commission of $1950 and your lenders and/or builders approval is required. There also may be restrictions with VA and FHA loans. If you are ready to go though, before you talk to the builder and/or a lender give us a call and we are happy to help you come up with a plan to make sure you get the maximum refund back.

How do I qualify for the 100% refund?

First, once you find the home you want to make an offer on you can submit an offer through our website, and we will handle the rest. During this process, in order to qualify, you will need to sign a Buyer Broker Agreement (BBA) which we will allow us to legally represent you during the transaction and be able to collect the offered commission. That means you cannot have another agreement in place with another agent outside of Flat Rate Homes. This is the only way, submit offers on your behalf and receive the commission.

*Refunds do not apply toward For Sale By Owner (FSBO) direct deals.

How & when do I get my refund?

There are many ways refunds can be given back and used and we can help customize the refund to best meet your needs and help the transaction go through. Lenders and builders might also have restrictions of what commissions refunds can be used for. this is why we will help you through the process to make sure you you get the best possible refund and using it in the best possible way. The most common way people use their refund though are as follows:

  1. You can have the refund immediately go toward a price reduction so you can make a more competitive offer or just reduce the purchase price all together.
  2. you can get a check written for the refund after the home has closed.
  3. There are hundreds of other ways we can structure it as well

What do I tell a listing agent when they ask if I’m represented by an agent?

If you are going to make an offer through our site, Yes, you are! You’re represented by Flat Rate Homes.

What happens if I don’t close on the property?

For our buyer refund program, our $1950 fee comes from the traditional agent commission that’s paid upon closing. So if you don’t close, you don’t have to pay us the remaining balance of $1950, $0, zip, nada.

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